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Berlin - February 5th 2016 partnered with Factory Berlin to explore the potential of the Estonian Government's ground-breaking e-Residency program.  We are brought together  leading Blockchain, Fintech and e-Government communities and thought leaders to explore what e-Residency, e-Identity, and the Blockchain can do together. The core topic is e-residency, but the event was also about Blockchain, Fintech, Security, e-Government and how a legally recognised e-identity can integrate with all this.


Our Guest panel included:

Kaspar Korjus - Managing Director of e-Residency in the Government of Estonia

At 27, Kaspar has overseen the introduction of e-Residency across government. He will share how they were mandated by their Prime Minister to launch e-Residency as a 'startup,' and how they have gone about this. In 2015 Kaspar has been chosen by Forbes Estonia as one of the “30 under 30” people as #1 in Technology and Finance.


Greg McMullen - Lawyer: privacy, blockchains, and copyright. Greg is a lawyer and Chief Policy Officer at He has presented at numerous international conferences on blockchain, privacy, and civil liberties. As a litigator, Greg was counsel on privacy class actions against Facebook and the Government of Canada, price fixing class actions against Visa and MasterCard. He was a member of the Board of Directors of the BC Civil Liberties Association and authored their handbook on privacy for electronic devices when crossing the Canadian border.


Trent McConaghy - AI researcher and entrepreneur

Trent is co-founder & CTO of Ascribe, which is rewiring the internet for ownership on behalf of creators, using large-scale machine learning and blockchain tech. Trent has written two books and 50 papers+patents. His award-winning PhD explored the relation between automated creativity and engineering design practice. He has given keynotes & invited talks at MIT, Columbia, Berkeley, JPL, Nvidia, Data Science Day, PyData, Design Automation Conference, and more.


Yanislav Malahov - Blockchain Entrepreneur and Consultant

Yanislav is currently working on, a fully decentralized naming and identity system on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. He has multiple years of blockchain software development experience - for example he has build custom Multi-Signature and ColoredCoins wallet backends. In the past he also was a cofounder of the famous DarkWallet, he has created his own currency, as well as he calls himself the "Godfather of Ethereum", the first decentralized smart contract platform.