and Identity

e-Residency is a program to accelerate innovation around e-Residency, Blockchain, and e-identity, and to build the ecosystem of people and organisations interested in exploring the potential and opportunity created by this new innovation in civic tech. will run a series of events over the coming year that will bring together experts and innovators to hack ideas, test concepts, and help shape how Estonia's e-Residency develops through it’s Beta stage to realize its full potential.


Over the coming year will run a series of Idea Hacks, a mini Accelerator, and other events to bring together people interested in innovating and exploring e-Residency, and positioning them alongside the relevant people and agencies in the Estonian government so they can develop ideas quickly. The outcome will be a clearer idea of what e-Residency can do, and ultimately a collection of new companies, projects, and products based on the platform.


e-Residency was launched by the Republic of Estonian in December 2014 and is the world’s first transnational digital identity scheme. The Government took the unusual step of launching the project as a Beta, and has approached it as a startup. e-Residency has launched with zero marketing costs but already in its Beta phase has featured across the international media.


In the future, we are interested to see how an online identity recognised by an EU government, and therefore under EU law, could, for example, be used by banks to identify new customers, or could be used in the Blockchain to establish legal identities. Currently the interest is in how people around the world can use Estonian e-Residency to establish and run businesses in Estonia, and therefore the EU. It is clear that e-Residency is creating a new paradigm in electronic identity, interface with government, civic engagement, and a host of other opportunities.