and Identity

New York - March 24th is coming to NYC. The core topic of this event is e-residency, but the event is also about Blockchain, Fintech, Security, e-Government and how a legally recognised e-identity can integrate with all this. Does e-Residency offer American startups and companies the chance to use Estonia as a Delware of Europe?


This event has a high level panel on e-Residency and it's global potential, with the Head of Digital Policy of the Estonian Government, and a presentation on e-Residency by the MD of the Government program. The young team will also explain how they launched this initiative as a 'government startup.'

A second panel will introduce opportunities with these technologies followed by attendees breaking into groups to hack ideas around the question: what could you do with e-Residency? These ideas will be presented to the panelists, and will feed directly into the ongoing development of Estonia's e-Residency platform.


Panels will be moderated by Tobias Stone, Founder, and John Biggs, East Coast Editor at TechCrunch, and founder of a Blockchain startup.






Kaspar Korjus - Managing Director of e-Residency in the Government of Estonia

At 27, Kaspar has overseen the introduction of e-Residency across government. He will share how they were mandated by their Prime Minister to launch e-Residency as a 'startup,' and how they have gone about this. In 2015 Kaspar has been chosen by Forbes Estonia as one of the “30 under 30” people as #1 in Technology and Finance.


Siim Sikkut - ICT Policy Adviser, Government Office of Estonia

Siim Sikkut serves as ICT Policy Adviser in Government Office of Estonia. His role is to coordinate ICT policy planning and execution across the government, plus advise Prime Minister on e-governance matters and oversee strategic initiatives in the area. Previously, he worked as economic policy and public governance expert in Estonian Development Fund, a public economic foresight think-tank. His experience also includes Estonian Ministry of Finance, in areas of national-level strategic planning and public financial management.


Joel Monegro - Investment Team, Union Square Ventures

Joel has been part of the Union Square Ventures Investment Team since July 2014. Previously, he worked on public policy for the technology industry in Latin America as the Manager of the Digital Economy Department for the Government of the Dominican Republic, co-founded three startups, ran a boutique software development shop, and studied Computer Science and Economics.

Sten Tamkivi - Co-founder & CEO, Teleport

Sten is the CEO of Teleport, Inc. Teleport helps people find and move to the cities best suited for them. Prior to co-founding Teleport he served at Skype as an early executive, riding the roller coaster for over 8 years from startup to ~300M active users, ~30% share of all international calling minutes in the world and a $8.5B exit to MSFT. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Seedcamp, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ambient Sound Investments, and until recently was Entrepreneur in Residence at Andreessen Horowitz. Sten is also an Advisor to the President of Estonia, on matters related to information technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.


John Edge - Managing Partner, RedRose

John focuses on financial services businesses with social impact and transformative potential at RedRose. He is also co-chairman of the Whitechapel Think Tank, with Jeremy Wilson of Barclays, a forum for financial institutions to discuss blockchain technologies, and co-founder of Identity2020, a system to generate digital identity documents for any child born after 2020.


Arie Levy-Cohen - Blockchain Advisor | Managing Director & Partner @ Toqueville Bullion Reserve

Arie Levy-Cohen is a thought leader in the field of wealth preservation and tail risk positioning of investment portfolios and more recently since 2010 in the Bitcoin / blockchain space. Arie’s career began as an international entrepreneur and later as a venture capitalist during the emergence of the Internet. Arie Levy-Cohen later worked as a private banker in Switzerland later joining Morgan Stanley as FA, International Client Advisor and Private Banker. Today, Arie runs a Gold Bullion Hedge Fund and acts as Advisor to a number of Blockchain companies including


Joseph Lubin - Founder, ConsenSys Systems

Joseph Lubin’s career has involved various posts in the fields of technology and finance and in their intersection. Subsequent to graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton, he worked as research staff in the Robotics Lab at Princeton and then at Vision Applications, Inc., a private research firm, in the fields of autonomous mobile robotics, machine vision and artificial neural networks. Software engineering, finance and cryptography were central during employment with Goldman Sachs, eMagine’s consulting work on the Identrus project, and the founding and operation of a set of hedge funds run with a partner. Lubin co-founded the Ethereum Project, and has been working on Ethereum and more recently ConsenSys since January 2014. ConsenSys is building decentralized applications and various tool for the Ethereum platform.