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Idea Hacks

Mini Accelerator

We started running a series of Idea Hacks in London in 2015, continuing in Berlin in Feb 2016 and now moving to NYC, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Geneva, with more cities to be confirmed.


Rather than running hackathons, where programmers build and code, we will run Idea Hacks, where people will hack together concepts and ideas. Experts in the associated fields, such as Civic Tech, Fintech, and more, will gather into teams to hack together ideas and concepts around the brief ‘what could we do with e-Residency?’  They will do this alongside the e-Residency team, asking them questions as they go.

The series of worldwide Idea Hack events will culminate with one week e-residency innovation program in Tallinn. This will include a mini-accelerator, around which experts will have a chance to mentor startups and meet the government’s e-Residency team and Estonian companies working in this sector.


The aim will be to develop concepts further, and to produce projects, businesses, or other opportunities ready to be developed fully. The innovators will be able to receive daily feedback on their ideas, and also to feedback to the team on any obstacles they may need to resolve.