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Soma Salon October 26th

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Soma Salon is the creation of Mike Butcher and is a regular meeting in London that is a “Salon of ideas,” where the group meets to discuss broad issues around technology and philosophy. The events are not networking evenings, and the discussion is not tied to tech, and is not about work.


This creates an opportunity for people to explore complex ideas in a group made up of informed practitioners from tech and related sectors. The venues change on a regular basis. This group is not for doing business, it’s for 'doing ideas’.


Soma Salon is now a year old, and evenings follow a format of group discussions rather than panel presentations.


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Soma Salon on e-Residency was  hosted by Newspeak House.


NewSpeak House was founded to foster the creation of technology to disrupt the UK political / media / government complex. It is a residential incubator and members’ club located in East London.